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Information on social networks provides an unprecedented opportunity to gain an insight into your customers like never before.

Social Sharing Icons

78% of consumers trust their peers over traditional advertising methods.Without social sharing icons you’re missing out on free traffic and sales.

Registration As A Service

Your site doesn't have registration functionality? We can help!


Merge unlimited variety of user data across digital channels in one Single View . User Profile Management makes it easy to manage your entire user base in a single, secure, cloud-hosted SoClever dashboard. Guess less and earn more with broad view of your users.

Share Save & Win

Get your website viral & Improve loyalty and retention with Share Save & Win product. SoClever allows you to build your own incentive driven marketing campaign.

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Use our reports to gain insights, increase traffic and sales.

Total Users by Network

Total Users by network report shows you what network is driving the most customers.

Demographic Reports

Demographic reports like Total Users by Gender, Total Users by Age, Total Users by Relationship Status and more allows you to know you customers like never before. Customized newsletter and customer targeting is possible now with our smart Social Login service.

Detailed User Profiles

Detailed User Profiles includes rich data of your customer like Full name, Birth date, gender,relationship status,employment details,address,top fb likes and many more along with revenue generated or referred by your website user.

History of Total Shares

Smart API based reports gives you total shares by pages. API based reports allows you get history of total shares your webpage have per social network. Never miss historical data when you move to SoClever's smart Share Bars!

Revenue By Networks

Revenue By Networks report allows you to know which Social Network is driving most Revenue for your website. SoClever is dedicated to offer best ROI calculator for your Social Network campaigns!

Traffic Referred By Network

SoClever's smart Social Share Bars Generate Traffic To Your Site. Traffic Referred By Network reports give you best idea which Social Network driving most traffic to your website.

Birthday Reports

Permission based data allows you to generate Birthday Reports of your website users. Integrate SoClever with your email marketing system for automatic Birthday wishes to your website users.

Referral Report

Find out who are your websites Brand Ambassadors! Referral Report give you detailed report of which users are Referring more sales or visitors to your website.

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