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Magento Social Login Best Practises

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Knowing where to place login buttons is key to increasing conversion rates, registration rates and lowering cart abandonment rates.

SoClever’s Social login is easy to install. Our Magento extension does not alter theme files, and we use Magento’s default path/hook for displaying login buttons. As every Magento site has a personalized theme and design, we would recommend displaying Social Login buttons on other areas of your site to get the best performance from Social login.

  1. There are two main factors to consider when placing login buttons on your site for the most optimized performance of registration and conversion rates.
    Make the site experience more convenient by enhancing the user experience (they don’t have to fill in large forms and get frustrated they have to remember yet another password) This is especially true when customers visit your site form a mobile device
  2. An incentive. Why would I hand over my personal information to this website? Are they going to offer me free shipping, a coupon code or discount, a free e-book, a chance to win the cost of my purchase back?

Remember these two main points when placing social login on site and you’re already a step ahead of the competition.

Placing login icons in the header is a great place to get the customers attention, it offers the login process on every page on your site. Although you can customize SoClevers social login icons, we would recommend using their set color’s and with the text Facebook Login or Google + Login. Why? Well the bright blue of Facebook and red of Google+ stand out and are immediately recognizable. They may clash with your color scheme, but getting them to login is the point. Having that clash will highlight that you offer the enhanced experience of social login.

Pop Ups
Most website use pop ups for login or sign up to Newsletter. Social Login buttons on login/register in a pop up is highly recommended for higher sign up rates. A great way to further increase registrations is to offer an incentive your customer to register with Social login, offer things like Free shipping, a free e-book, coupons etc

Register / Login Page / Create An account page
This is where SoClevers Social Login extension places social login buttons to ensure no theme files are altered as not to upset your sites unique design. But improvements can still be made to this page if you have the know how. Placing the Social login icon on top of the page next to Login or Create your Account text will encourage people to use it.

Magento Checkout Page / One page checkout
In most cases, Magento’s checkout page you will find text above the required information fields “Already Registered? Click here to login” We would suggest changing this text and making it larger and more prominent to see. The following are examples, of course use the text that works best for you after A-B testing.
“Login with Facebook” “Quick Login with Facebook” “Existing Members or Social Login”
This link then takes the user to Magento’s default popup. Change the popup designs to suite your needs and add the social login icons to the pop up. This step is a great way to lower cart abandonment. It’ also a great place to add Login with Paypal, as once the customer registers they won’t need to re-enter their password to complete the transaction.
Most Magento developers should find it pretty easy to make these enhancements, however if further assistance is required, please feel free to contact us.

As always with all recommendations, A- B test what works for you!


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