Soclever is proud to be a selected technology partner with Optimizely.

Our Social data solution integrates with the Optimizley platform allowing clients to dynamically personalize your website using customers big data collected in the Soclever system.

Use this data to better understand and deliver what each customer is looking for based on a range of data points, like : Age, Gender, Value of spend, Relationship Status, Languages, Social likes and much more.

Using our platform with your current Optimizley account is easy and the layered data give insight and flexibility to your marketing team.

SoClever integrated with Optimizely can allow our mutual clients to offer up more personalised content specific to a customer segment group.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver deeply personalized experiences to your visitors using SoClever’s comprehensive social data
  • Create rich Optimizely Audiences to target experiences using age, gender, relationship status, religion, language, and more
  • Trust that your personalized messaging is targeted based on accurate, self-identified, first party data


Join up today and start to use customer data to enhance your customers browsing experience.


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