Increase Registration Rates by 50%
Lower the barrier to sign up with social login!
Increase Registrations / One Click Return Experience / Maximize Mobile Acquisition / Convenient and Secure

Simple Implementation

Well documented SDKs and Free Plugins, make implementation an easy process.

Optimized for all Devices

SoClever's social login buttons automatically adjust resolutions for all devices.

Merge Existing User Accounts

Allow your website users to merge existing accounts with their social profiles.

Convenient & Secure

Customers feel more secure with a login service they know and trust, be it Facebook, Linkedin or network they love!

10+ Social Networks

SoClever Social Login supports over 10 social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Renren, Weibo, Google +, QQ and many more.

Rich Data Reports

SoClever’s dashboard offers important reports for your website including demographics data,, Total Users by Networks, Birthday reminders and many more! Read more about Reports you access below.

Keep users data updated

SoClever dashboard updates your visitors data automatically each time your user login with social networks. Get updated data from users Social Profiles every time they change profile on Social Networks.

Third Party Integrations

SoClever's powerful API allows you to sync your users data to your favorite email marketing systems/CRMs like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and many more.

Discover the true identity of your customer

Reports from more than 200 customer profile data points across all digital channels. Understand your customer more & guess less with SoClever

Total Users by Network

Easily see what network provides the highest engagement, registration rates and best return.

Demographic Reports

Demographic reports like Total Users group by Gender, by Age, by Relationship Status and more, allows you to know you users like never before. Customized newsletter and customer targeting is possible now with our smart Social Login service.

Top Liked FB pages

Know what your customers love on Facebook! Detailed report on Top Liked FB pages of your website visitors allows you to target Lookalike Audience on Facebook.

Detailed User Profiles

Detailed User Profiles includes rich data of your customer like Full name, Birth date, gender,relationship status,employment details,address,top fb likes and many more along with revenue generated or referred by your website user. Generate your own custom lists for personalised email marketing with our smart Social Login service.

Total Sales

Quick view on total sales generated by customers using social login.

Revenue By Networks

Revenue By Networks report allows you to identify which Social Network driving most Revenue. Know more and guess less what network is giving you best ROI!

Birthday Reports

Permission based data allows you to generate Birthday Reports of your website users. Integrate SoClever with your email marketing system for automatic Birthday wishes to your website users.

Track Orders

See total revenue generated by users and referral source of your website orders.


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