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30+ Social Networks

Choose from 30+ Social Networks we offer from all different regions like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin & more!

Fully Customizable Design and User Experience

Select from 10+ different style or upload your own! SoClever provides flexibility to suit your needs with asynchronous JavaScript loaded Share Bars.

Mobile Responsive

Maximize Mobile Acquisition with our Mobile Responsive Share Bars for your Responsive website!

Free Plugins

Get advantage of our Free Wordpress Plugins and Magento Extensions for easier installation.

Social Share ROI

SoClever dashboard offers reports like Revenue by Network, Traffic Referred by Networks, Top Revenue by Users for ROI measurement.

Shortcodes Enabled

Our Free Wordpress Plugins and Magento Extensions are Shortcodes Enabled. Shortcodes will allow you to place share bars on custom positions of your web pages.

Permission Based Sharing Option

Option to use Permission Based Sharing Bars which allows you to collect detailed and rich customer data. Works best with sharing competitions or promos for you visitors.

History of Page Shares

With SoClever's smart Social Share tools, never loose history of social shares of your web pages. We track social share activities of your website from Social Network's secure APIs for accurate reports.

With Smart Social Sharing Buttons, get insights to drive more traffic and sales

History of Total Shares

Smart API based reports allows you to get history of total shares of your web pages per social network. Never miss historical data when you move to SoClever's smart Share Bars!

Most Shared Pages

Most Shared Pages report allows you to see what pages performing best for your website. Use this data to optimize your business for more traffic and sales.

Demographic Reports

Permission based Share Bars allows you to get rich customer data. Demographic reports like Total Users by Gender, Total Users by Age, Total Users by Relationship Status and more allows you to know you customers like never before. Customized newsletter and customer targeting is possible now with our smart Share Bars!

Total Sales

Know what network driving your most traffic. Get detail report on total sales generated with Social Networks.

Traffic Referred By Network

Shares are great, but what networks provides the best returning traffic? Traffic Referred By Network reports give you best idea which Social Network driving most traffic to your website.

Referral Report

Find out who are your websites Brand Champions! Referral Report give you detailed report of which users are Referring more sales or visitors to your website.


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