Why Use Facebook Connect For Registrations or Login

By Lucas McEntee

Offering login with Facebook has a number of advantages to your website. The ability to login using Facebook, Google+ Twitter or LinkedIn and any other social network can reduce frustration at the login page and improve the overall user experience at checkout.

Research has shown that social login can increase registration rates by up to 90%, and improve conversion rates on e-commerce sites by up to 23%. Some other major benefits
are lower cart abandonment and more sales when using social login.

Unless your site is a well known worldwide eCommerce site, it’s likely that a large proportion of your customers will be new to your brand, however it’s much more likely that they will be familiar with Facebook and will have come across a Facebook login/connect on another site previously. They will be familiar with that user experience and it will reassure them about using your site for the first time.

Forced registration is a major cause of checkout abandonment and can increase bounce rates, with over a quarter (26 %) of respondents in a recent E-consultancy survey stating that being forced to register would cause them to abandon a purchase. If you have to get customers to register before using your service, then allowing them to verify their identity using Facebook connect or via other social networks will limit drop off rates.

Access to useful profile data
Once a customer is logged in using Facebook Connect the site owner, via SoClever’s dashboard can access profile data. This data allows the merchant a greater insight into their customers, which in turn improves the ongoing relationship as they can communicate and engage with them on a much more personal way. Social profile data can be used to offer a special birthday message or deal to your customers.

Customize your message
Once you have enough data, you can start to communicate with customers by segmenting your database. Knowing their relationship status, what they like on social networks, and past purchase history, creates an opportunity to communicate on a more personal level. The average customer is bombarded with between 3,000 and 20,000 advertising message on a daily basis, ensuring your message is heard by your prospective customer all depends on its relevance. SoClever’s dashboard allows you easily sort your customers into different categories, which then allows your marketing team to send messages that are much more relevant to the end customer.

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